Hedge Clipper Rental


Hedge Clipper Rental

Echo HC-150-20"

$30/Day or $120/Week

First Come First Served- No Reservations

Terms & Conditions For Rental:

All Rentals will require Proper Identification and a credit card for incidental damages and late fees.

Proof of Insurance coverage may be required.**

Customers will be instructed on proper/safe operation and proper maintenance for duration of rental. Units will be filled with fuel. Renter agrees to return unit full of fuel or credit card will be charged for costs to fill up.

Customer will be assessed on credit card for 80% retail price on replacement costs for units lost or stolen once rental has left our premises.

Any damage done to unit including and not limited to flat tires (excluding normal wear & tear) is renters' responsibility. All costs including parts, labor, freight, & taxes to repair will be assessed on customers' credit card.

If rented unit is not returned at agreed upon time, renter will be billed for additional full day for each 24 hours not returned.

All 2-Cycle Rentals will be required to purchase a can of Premixed Fuel for use in products.

***Other conditions will apply at time of rental. These terms and conditions are listed on the rental contract and may be reviewed before entering the rental agreement.

Renter agrees to waive and release Longview Lawn & Garden Equipment from all claims for injuries or damages to renter arising out of the use of said property by the renter.

Appearance will be slightly altered from usage and identification purposes.

Call for more information at: 903-759-0874