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Whether you have a shortage of time or just an insufficient knowledge of equipment, Please rely on our service department for all of your service needs. We are fully staffed with certified technicians to cover all of your needs. Please feel free to contact the service department at 903-759-0874 or by email at


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Look Before You Pump

The single biggest issue facing our industry today is the use of ethanol fuels. "Ethanol has inherent properties that can cause corrosion of metal parts, including carburetors, degradation of plastic and rubber components, harder starting, and reduced engine life," says Marv Klowak, global vice president of research and development for Briggs & Stratton, the largest manufacturer of small engines. "The higher the ethanol content, the more acute the effects." All OPE manufacturers state that the use of fuel with more than 10% ethanol content will destroy your engines and will not be warranted. Please be aware of the fuel you are buying to protect your investment. One thing to remember is that ethanol fuel absorbs moisture and will puddle water into your fuel which will effect starting and running conditions. Because these service issues are due to poor fuel, it is not considered an equipment manufacturer defect and therefore not recognized by any engine manufacturer as a warrantable issue.

We offer several options to offset the issues ethanol causes. Please consider these options as a safe bet to keep your equipment running correctly and starting easily. We also recommend disposing any pump gas that is over 45 days old. We will continue to recommend winterizing those units that are not utilized during the offseason.

Ethanol also causes "phase separation" in mixed gasoline. If you choose to use pump gas for 2-Cycle products, always remember to shake the fuel can vigorously to mix the fuel before pouring into your equipment. Failure to do so can cause a "lean seizure", destroying your engine. Again, manufacturers will not cover these type of failures due to ethanol related issues.


General Engine Maintenance
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Routine maintenance is the key to longevity in your power equipment. Keeping the oil (and oil filter if equipped) changed and air filter cleaned and replaced is vital to long term serviceability. It falls on the consumer to do these simple steps to keep you equipment healthy. Your owners manual will recommend the type of oil and service intervals for your equipment. As long as you can provide us the pertinent information, we will be able to provide you the correct items to service your pieces. Please keep in mind however, our climate and dustier conditions will require keen eyes and perhaps shorter servicing intervals than what the engine manufacturer recommends. All ride on equipment will require a new fuel filter to be replaced each season. We also recommend new spark plugs each season for each of your pieces of equipment. We carry a variety of available tune-up kits that provide a simple purchase for periodic engine service. These kits typically include oil, filters, spark plugs and fuel filters.


General Equipment Maintenance

General maintenance separate of the engine is just as important. Be sure to read your owners' manual to be aware of all maintenance items your equipment requires. Periodic blade sharpening/replacement makes a huge difference in the performance of the cutting deck. Keep in mind to also keep the undercarriage cleaned out so that clumping does not effect the performance of your blades. Belts and pulleys will need to be inspected for wear and replaced as needed. Always be aware of grease points that may need greasing. Keeping Tire Pressure level is essential in a quality cut. Again, all of this can be found in your owners manual.